Key component of RNG production plant delivered to Steuben County landfill

11 December 2023

A 64,300-pound delivery has recently arrived at the Steuben County Landfill in Bath, NY. This massive delivery, the membrane filtration module, is one of the main components of the WAGABOX® unit that Waga Energy is building to upgrade landfill gas into pipeline compliant renewable natural gas.

As part of the WAGABOX® technology process, the membrane filtration module is where carbon dioxide and impurities are removed from the landfill gas. This filtration process is paired with cryogenic distillation (for air removal). The unique pairing of cryogenic distillation and membrane filtration is what makes the WAGABOX® technology disruptive in the landfill gas to energy industry.

The WAGABOX® unit at Steuben County Landfill will purify 1,000 scfm of landfill gas to deliver 207,000 mmBtu, while saving 13,500 metric tons of CO2eq annually, equivalent to approximately 3,000 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year (according to the EPA’s gas equivalency calculator). This WAGABOX® unit is expected to be operating in early 2024.

Steuben County Landfill is the first landfill in the US to benefit from the WAGABOX® technology, which is already deployed in Europe and Canada. The construction on Steuben County Landfill is part of the contract that was signed with Waga Energy two years ago, in January 2022. With 18 projects successfully operating worldwide, 16 projects currently under construction worldwide, including 6 projects under construction in the United States, Waga Energy continues to demonstrate its commitment as a reliable partner in landfill gas upgrading into renewable natural gas.


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