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To combat global warming and support the energy transition, Waga Energy offers innovative technological solutions to reduce methane emissions by converting landfill gas into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), a substitute for fossil natural gas.

Our mission:
To support the energy transition by making this clean and local source of energy accessible to all.

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Discover our solutions to support your landfill gas upgrading projects and your RNG procurement.

Upgrade landfill gas into RNG

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Following more than a decade of research and development, Waga Energy developed the WAGABOX® technology, an innovative solution that upgrades landfill gas into biomethane.

WAGABOX® units are actively contributing to the fight against methane emissions, which are responsible for a large portion of human-induced global warming. These revolutionary landfill gas upgrading units produce a competitive alternative to replace fossil natural gas.
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19 landfill gas upgrading units
in operation worldwide
+0 MWh
amount of renewable energy produced
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of CO2 equivalent avoided
of renewable natural gas injected by WAGABOX® units
Become a player in the fight against climate change
Waga Energy is recruiting talented people in the United States and around the world to support our growth.
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“Working with Waga Energy is a great opportunity for our company to further enhance our strategy around resource management and sustainability. We have been impressed by Waga Energy’s innovation and technology platform and believe that they are a strong partner to help develop RNG capacity at these three facilities.”
John W. Casella
Chairman and CEO of Casella Waste Systems, Inc.


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USD $60M to finance Waga Energy’s first projects in the United States
A WAGABOX® unit officially opened in France
Waga Energy Partners With Decatur Hills Landfill to Produce Renewable Natural Gas in Greensburg, Indiana
Key component of RNG production plant delivered to Steuben County landfill


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