Green landfills: A study by Veolia, Suez and Waga Energy

Contribution of non-hazardous waste landfills to the achievement of GHG emission reduction targets in the EU (ECube Strategy Consultants, oct. 2023).

Low carbon,carbon neutral concept. Net zero greenhouse gas emissions target. Climate neutral long term strategy. Limit global warming and climate change.

By presenting this study and the associated recommendations to operators and policy makers, Suez, Veolia and Waga Energy follow the ambition to secure and reinforce the contribution of non-hazardous waste landfill facilities to the EU Biomethane production targets, while minimizing the impact of the sector on the environment.

The effects highlighted and measured in this study in terms of decarbonisation and energy production have been calculated in addition to the effects of the current regulatory framework, essentially focused on reducing the amount of future waste (and its organic share) sent to landfills. This regulatory framework has been taken as a baseline scenario for all projection works performed in the study.

(October 2023 – Ecube Study 2023 – Final Report Slides)


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