Landfill gas to RNG unit in Spain with the support of the European Union

Waga Energy commisioned WAGABOX® unit on the Can Mata landfill site operated by PreZero in Els Hostalets de Pierola (Catalonia, Spain). This unit injects  238,850 mmBtu (70 GWh) of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) per year into the Nedgia gas grid, which is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 14,000 local households or 200 trucks. The project avoids the emission of 17,000 tons of eq COeach year, through the substitution of fossil natural gas.

For this project, Waga Energy received a €2.4 million European grant as part of the Innovation Fund – Small Scale program. It financed the development of an innovation integrated into the unit’s cryogenic distillation module, with the aim of reducing the production cost of RNG.

June 20, 2023: Commisioning of the WAGABOX® unit

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January 2023: Delivery of the equipment on site.

September 2022: Start of construction

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Manufacturing of the component at Ravanat (Grenoble, France).

January 2022: Kick-off meeting with the European Commission*

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April 2021: Kick-off meeting on the Can Mata landfill site.

January 2021: Signing of the contract (with Ferrovial Servicios, who formerly owned the landfill)

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