Waga Energy unveils its new brand identity.

14 November 2023

Waga Energy unveils its new brand identity.


In support of the group’s global expansion, with its first international WAGABOX® units in operation in Canada and Spain, this new brand identity has been designed to highlight Waga Energy’s commitment to making biomethane accessible to all.

“Guided by our strong commitment to energy transition and fighting climate change, our ambition to widely foster the renewable natural gas Industry across the globe, continues to grow driven by the emergency of making a positive impact.
To illustrate this dedication to the common good and to highlight the energy we invest every day alongside our partners, our brand identity is evolving while remaining faithful to the core values of Waga Energy.
Commitment, Cooperation, Mastery, and Boldness have inspired us in shaping this new identity, ensuring its authenticity and alignment with our DNA.
Globally deployed and supported by all our team members around the world, this new identity is set to give substance to the Waga Energy brand and accompany the international deployment of the WAGABOX® solution.”

Mathieu Lefebvre, Guénaël Prince and Nicolas Paget, Co-founders of Waga Energy


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