Measurements on the landfill gas collection system (picture by Séché Environnement)

Waga Energy signed a contract with Séché Environnement, a French independent family business specializing in waste management and decontamination services, to produce Renewable Natural Gas (also known as biomethane) at the Sainte-Marie-Kerque landfill site (North of France).

The WAGABOX® unit will inject 20 GWh of RNG each year into the local gas grid, powering the equivalent of 3,000 homes annually and saving 3,300 tons of CO2eq emissions each year through the substitution for fossil-based natural gas.

Waga Energy will fund, build and operate the WAGABOX® unit. Séché Environnement will finance the connection to the gas grid 5 miles away (8km).

The Sainte-Marie-Kerque landfill is operated by Séché Environnement through its subsidiary Opale Environnement. It treats 50,000 tons of waste each year. Séché Environnement has 50 sites in France and operates in 15 countries.

Mathieu Lefebvre, Waga Energy CEO: “We are delighted with this first collaboration with the Séché Environnement group, one of France’s leading players in waste management and recovery, which shares our commitment to serving and protecting the environment. With this new biomethane project, we will be contributing to the decarbonization of our economy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions generated by fossil fuels and promoting local energy independence.”

Maxime Séché, Séché Environnement CEO: “By joining forces with Waga Energy, the Group is pursuing its commitment to the ecological transition for regions and industries. This project is perfectly in line with Séché Environnement Group’s commitment to tackling climate change by reducing carbon footprints and developing circular economy solutions.

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