Where’s Waga Energy?

You probably know the children’s books “Where’s Wally?” (Wally is called “Waldo” in North America and “Charlie” in France).
Well, here is a new version of the game sponsored by the Solar Impulse Foundation. It is called: “Where’s Waga Energy”!
The game consists in finding Waga Energy in the list of #1000solutions labeled from the Solar Impulse Fondation included in the picture attached.
The good thing about playing this game is that it will make you realize how many amazing companies in the world are working hard to deploy solutions that address environmental challenges while enabling economic growth. The all Wagateam is extremely proud to be one of them, and deeply grateful to Bertrand Piccard for this initiative.
If you can find Waga Energy in the list, please let us know where it is: we have been unable to find it😉
There is nothing to win. But you can be sure that we will keep on doing what we do best: producing cost competitive renewable natural gas from landfills all over the world, in order to substitute fossil fuel and fight climate change.