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Let us handle every aspect of your landfill gas-to-energy project

Waga Energy has all of the expertise to carry out your landfill gas ugrading project. By managing all aspects of the project, Waga Energy can get your WAGABOX® unit commissioned in less than a year.


Waga Energy completes the technical, economic, and regulatory workability studies necessary to get your project off to a good start.



Waga Energy designs a WAGABOX® solution for each landfills’ gas flow rate and other characteristics to ensure optimal upgrading of landfill gas.



Waga Energy finances the WAGABOX® under a biogas-supply contract with the landfill operator.



WAGABOX® units are built near Grenoble, France, in a world-class high-tech ecosystem with a strong reputation for gas engineering and cryogenics. All WAGABOX® units are built to European standards.


Waga Energy completes all of the hookups on site (piping, instrumentation, water, and electricity) and all pre-commissioning compliance testing to European standards.



As the exclusive operator of WAGABOX® units, Waga Energy provides 24/7 monitoring using a remote command-control system and guarantees uptime in excess of 95%.



Waga Energy negotiates the best possible rates with and sells directly to energy utilities.


Support the circular economy at the local level, reduce waste treatment costs, and fight global warming.


Upgrade landfill gas with high efficiency and generate additional revenues without any investment.


Purchase the most competitively-priced biomethane and become a key player in energy transition.


Switch your conventional fuel to a greener and cheaper alternative: green gas.

Our customers: leading waste-management companies and local authorities

Éric Theillard,
Chief Operating Officer, Paprec Group – Coved Environnement

” The WAGABOX® implementation project at the Coved Saint-Florentin landfill went very smoothly. All of the stakeholders were firmly committed to the project and the station was commissioned just twelve months after the contract was signed. A year later, we are completely satisfied with the WAGABOX®, which is supplying the town of Saint-Florentin with clean, locally-sourced, renewable energy.”