Chester County Solid Waste Authority Chooses Waga Energy to Produce RNG at the LLARC Landfill (PA)

19 October 2023

Chester County Solid Waste Authority (CCSWA) in Pennsylvania, USA, is embracing energy transition in partnership with Waga Energy. The CCSWA selected Waga Energy through a competitive bidding process to produce biomethane from waste on local landfill site.


The newly WAGABOX® unit to be soon constructed and installed by Waga Energy, will upgrade the captured landfill gas into Renewable Naturel Gas (RNG), a green energy directly injected into the local gas distribution network.

This collaboration is part of a long-term vision shared by these two partners, with the WAGABOX® unit expected to operate for at least 20 years. CCSWA and Waga Energy will share the revenues from the sale of RNG produced by the WAGABOX® unit throughout the contract’s duration.

This unit can process up to 2,000 scfm (3,200 m/h) of raw biogas, producing over 450,000 MMBtu (130 GWh) of RNG each year and enables to avoid over 27,000 tons of eqCO2 per year, compared to using fossil fuels, equivalent to avoiding emissions from 2.8 million gallons of gasoline per year, based on the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calculation methodology1.

This cooperative project represents a significant step forward in promoting the development of a circular economy while contributing to the fight against climate change.
This collaboration exemplifies the positive impact of public-private partnerships for the benefit of the community and the environment.

“We are very excited to be working with Waga Energy to upgrade our landfill gas to pipeline-quality RNG.”

Robert Watts, Executive Director, Chester County Solid Waste Authority


“We are honored to have been selected as Chester County Solid Waste Authority’s partner for this project, which will benefit the local community both environmentally and economically. By implementing the best-in-class landfill gas upgrading technology, the LLARC RNG WAGABOX® will reduce greenhouse gas emissions while generating additional revenues.”

Guénaël Prince, Chief Executive Officer of Waga Energy Inc. (USA)

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