A WAGABOX® unit officially opened in France

1 February 2024

Vichy Communauté, Suez and Waga Energy have officially opened the WAGABOX® unit on the Gaïa landfill site at Cusset (in center-France). The Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) production unit installed on this site will produce 17 GW/h of RNG per year supplying around 1,700 households in Cusset and contributing to the region’s ecological transition.

The WAGABOX® unit, operational since October 2023 after a year of construction work, enables 100% of the biogas produced on the site to be upgraded. This energy replaces fossil fuels and avoids the emission of around 2,800 tons of eqCO2 every year.

Gaïa’s WAGABOX® unit is the first facility of its kind to produce RNG in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, where Waga Energy’s head office is located. Waga Energy is actively contributing to the region’s energy transition through the construction of two other RNG production units scheduled to be commissioned this year.

The Gaïa landfill has been producing energy since 2011, thanks to a cogeneration engine that generates electricity and heat for the site’s administrative building. The installation of the WAGABOX® unit has enabled the site to increase the energy yield from waste. The gas produced is injected directly into gas distribution network to meet the heating, cooking and hot water needs of local residents and businesses.


Estimate based on comparative emission factors for natural gas and biomethane in France as determined by Ademe’s carbon base, including direct and indirect emissions.


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