Nedgia optimizes the injection capacity of the WAGABOX® unit at Can Mata (Spain)

16 Maggio 2024

Nedgia, a subsidiary of the Naturgy Group, has launched its first reverse flow station near Barcelona, marking a significant advancement in integrating renewable energies into Spain’s gas distribution network. This station will absorb the entire production of biomethane from Waga Energy’s WAGABOX® unit located at the Can Mata site in Catalonia.

By allowing the WAGABOX® unit to operate at full capacity, this installation will inject up to 70 GWh of renewable gas into the network annually, equivalent to the energy consumption of 14,000 households or 200 buses, thus contributing to greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

This collaboration between PreZero, an environmental solutions specialist, Waga Energy, and Nedgia has resulted in the installation of a six-kilometer connection financed by Waga Energy, enabling the injection of biomethane produced by the WAGABOX® unit into Nedgia’s distribution network. Previously, production was limited to local households connected to this network, but now, thanks to the reverse flow station, Nedgia can absorb the entire production and extend the reach of renewable gas beyond the local network.

This initiative, which also marks the installation of Spain’s first reverse flow station by a gas network operator, underscores the crucial role of renewable gas in the country’s energy transition. The WAGABOX® unit at Can Mata thus illustrates the collective commitment of industrial leaders to sustainable energy solutions and combating climate change.

“As Spain’s leading gas distributor, Nedgia’s aim is to guarantee network conditions that enable the greatest possible number of consumers to have
access to renewable gas.”

Raúl Suárez, Chairman-CEO of Nedgia.

“Can Mata is an international reference in the production of RNG from waste, which we have been operating for more than three decades. The installation, fully digitalized, is capable of transforming the biogas from the landfill into RNG for direct injection into the gas network and can be used in households, industries or vehicles, avoiding greenhouse gas emissions.”

Vanessa Capel Arnau, Processing Director in the Industrial Department of PreZero in Spain.

“We are delighted to have this new gas infrastructure in place. PreZero and Waga Energy will now be able to inject into Nedgia’s network all of the RNG produced from waste stored in the Can Mata landfill. This is a new stage in the development of RNG in Spain, a pillar of the energy transition and a key energy source for the decarbonization of the Spanish economy.”

Baptiste Usquin, CEO of Waga Energy in Spain.

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