A new WAGABOX® unit in North France

15 marzo 2024

Séché Environnement, an international player in the circular economy and environmental services, and Waga Energy have started up a Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) production unit at the Opal Environnement site, a subsidiary of the Séché Environnement group, in Sainte-Marie-Kerque (Northwestern France).

The WAGABOX® unit at Sainte-Marie-Kerque can process 500 scfm (800 m3/h), and produce up to 120,000 MMBtu (35 GWh) of RNG per year, equivalent to the consumption of around 5,500 households. This production is injected directly into the local gas network to supply homes and businesses. The biomethane produced replaces fossil natural gas in all its uses, avoiding the emission of 5,800 tonnes of eqCO2 per year into the atmosphere.

The start-up of the WAGABOX® unit significantly increases the landfill’s energy production (the gas was previously recovered by an engine producing electricity), providing energy that will help to decarbonize sectors such as transport and industry – still totally dependent on fossil fuels.

“This RNG production plant illustrates the Séché Environnement group’s commitment to circular economy and ecological transition of territories and industries. It is part of the group’s decarbonization strategy presented in February 2022, and its ambition to curb its greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2030.” 

Maxime Séché, Chief Executive Officer of Séché Environnement. 

“Thanks to the WAGABOX® technology, the Sainte-Marie-Kerque landfill has become a RNG producer, and now supplies the local community with low-carbon energy. We are delighted about – and proud of – this first collaboration with the Séché Environnement group, a long-standing and recognized player in waste management, strongly committed to fighting global warming and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” 

Mathieu Lefebvre, Chief Executive Officer of Waga Energy. 

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