The mixed-economy company Trigone, which manages water, waste and sanitation in the Gers department, called on Waga Energy to upgrade landfill gas from the Pavie landfill site.

Under an agreement signed on 16 May 2017 in Auch, Waga Enery will invest €3 million to bring a WAGABOX® into service on the site in June 2018. This unit will produce 98% pure biomethane from biogas naturally generated by the break down of organic matters. Biomethane will be injected into the natural gas grid to supply about 1,500 households, while avoiding 2,200 tons of CO2 emissions each year.


Francis Dupouyen, President Trigone, is signing the contract with Waga Energy to installed a WAGABOX® on the Pavie landfill.


Francis Dupouey, President Trigone:Recover energy from waste is one of Trigone’s major challenges. This is the reason why we have chosen a high-performance solution that will replace the equivalent of more than one million litres of fossil fuel each year with renewable energy. Trigone is the very first local authority to engage in such an innovative project in France. We hope that this will serve as an example, as waste treatment is becoming an important environmental issue”.