Waga Energy is building a new WAGABOX® unit at the Granges landfill (Burgundy, France), operated by Veolia. It will inject 60,000 MMBtu (20 GWh) of Renewable Natural Gas each year in the gas grid, which represents the annual consumption fo 3,000 local households, and will avoid the emission of 3,300 tons of CO2e per year in the atmosphere by substituting fossil-based natural gas1.

It is the sixth RNG production project undertaken by Waga Energy and Veolia in France. Three WAGABOX® units are currently in operation in Saint-Palais, Claye-Souilly and Le Ham, while two others are under construction. These six projects offer a combined installed capacity of 800,000 MMBtu (235 GWh) per year.

Mathieu Lefebvre, CEO of Waga Energy:This sixth RNG project engaged with Veolia over the five past years proves our common commitment to the energy transition. We are very happy to be continuing this partnership with a world leader in waste management and recovery, which considers RNG a key part of its strategy.

Guillaume Dury, Regional Director Bourgogne Auvergne Rhône Alpes:Converting biogas captured at our landfills into RNG allows us to save natural resources and also provides a genuine alternative to importing fossil-based gas. As a green transformation player, Veolia seeks to develop practical regional solutions aimed at cutting carbon emissions and promoting sufficiency. The WAGABOX® technology is a perfect example of this.

[1] Estimations based on the comparative emission factors for natural gas and biomethane in France determined by the Ademe carbon base, including direct and indirect emissions.

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