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Waga Energy has been listed on Compartment B of Euronext Paris since October 27, 2021.



  • Company name: WAGA ENERGY
  • ISIN code: FR0012532810
  • Ticker: WAGA
  • Market: Euronext Paris
  • Compartiment B
  • First listed on: October 27, 2021
  • Free float: 24.6%
  • Number of shares: 19,752,417


Paul de Froment, Bryan Garnier
Thomas Mordelle, Bryan Garnier
Nicolas Royot, Portzamparc

Message from the founders

Facing the climate emergency, the substitution of fossil fuels with renewable energies is the major challenge of the 21st century. Waga Energy wants to contribute to the energy transition through its patented WAGABOX® solution, that makes it possible to produce cost-competitive Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from landfill gas.

RNG (also known as “biomethane”) is a substitute for fossil-based natural gas. It is a key pillar for the energy transition, as it can substitute fossil-based energies in transportation, housing or industry, which are responsible for most of global greenhouse gas emissions.

At the end of 2021, the ten WAGABOX® units operated by Waga Energy had already injected 21,700,000 scfm (35 million cubic meters) of RNG in the French gas grid, which represents 1,279,553 mmBtu (375 GWh) of energy, thus avoiding the release of 66,000 metric tons of CO2eq in the atmosphere.

An innovative and dynamic company, Waga Energy put its expertise in the gas engineering field and it experience in the development of complex projects at the service of its clients, partners, investors and shareholders. From landfill gas upgrading pioneer, Waga Energy aims to become a world leader of RNG production and start building today the energetic world of tomorrow.

Nicolas Paget, Guénaël Prince, Mathieu Lefebvre

Nicolas Paget, Guénaël Prince et Mathieu Lefebvre, cofondateurs de Waga Energy

Ownership structure

End of January 2023, the distribution of the capital and voting rights is as follows:

Free float 5,783,025 28.23%
Founders 3,549,900 17.33%
Aliad SA 2,848,729 13.91%
Holweb 2,513,495 12.27%
Starquest 2,030,898 9.92%
Les Saules SARL 1,831,654 8.94%
Historical Investors 1,267,520 6.19%
Tertium 658,129 3.21%
TOTAL 20,486,350 100%
Actionnariat de Waga Energy

Key figures

Waga Energy reported €12.3 million in consolidated revenue for 2021, a year-on-year increase of 29.6% driven by a rise in Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) production and cryogenic distillation module sales to Air Liquide. The company’s year-on-year revenue growth would have stood at 14.7% without the equipment sales to Air Liquide. At end-2021, ten WAGABOX® units were in operation and eleven more were under construction worldwide.
Waga Energy reported EBITDA of –€1.2 million in 2021 compared to +€1.3 million the previous year. This evolution was notably due to the company’s significant growth and related expenses. It also reflects sales hires made to drive international development.
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Board of directors

Mathieu Lefebvre
Waga Energy CEO

Christilla de Moustier
Head of ESG at Fremman Capital

Marie Bierent
Manager Les Saules

Guénaël Prince
Waga Energy Inc. CEO

Anne Lapierre
Independant Administrator

Séverine Adami
Representative for Air Liquide Venture Capital (ALIAD)

Arnaud Delattre
Starquest Capital partner

Dominique Gruson
Independant Administrator

Christophe Guillaume
Noria CEO (censor)

Stéphane Assuied
Tertium General Manager

Anna Creti
Independant Administrator

Olivier Aubert
SWEN Capital Partners director

Reporting calendar

28/02/2023 Full-year 2022 revenue and operational highlights
26/04/2023 Full-year 2022 results
29/06/2023 Annual general meeting
27/09/2023 First-half 2023 results


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