WAGABOX® unit of Madaillan, Milhac-d'Auberoche (Southwest of France), Suez.

WAGABOX® unit of Madaillan, Milhac-d’Auberoche (Southwest of France), Suez.

Waga Energy and Suez commissioned a new WAGABOX® unit on November 15, 2022 on the Madaillan landfill in Milhac-d’Auberoche (Southwest of France). It supplies more than 3,000 households of the area with Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), and will avoid every year the emission of 3,500 tons of CO2e into the atmosphere, by replacing fossil natural gas.

This is the fifth project undertaken jointly by Waga Energy and Suez. Four other WAGABOX® units are already in operation in Saint-Maximin (Oise), Gueltas (Morbihan), Chevilly (Loiret) and Ventes-de-Bourse (Orne) and a sixth is under construction in Montois-la-Montagne (Moselle). With an installed capacity of 140 GWh (478,000 mmBtu) per year, these six units will supply from 2023, more than 20,000 French households with renewable gas, thus avoiding the emission of 23,000 tonnes of CO2e.

The construction of this RNG production unit was financed by Waga Energy and Meridiam, a company specializing in the long-term financing and management of sustainable infrastructure. The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region also contributed 400,000 euros to this renewable energy project to support the region’s energy transition.

According to Guillaume Bomel, General Manager for Infrastructure at Suez, Recycling & Recovery France: “Given the current context amid high tensions over energies, particularly gas, waste is an available resource that could help us achieve energy independence while addressing environmental and climate-change issues. The fact that Suez opted for the innovative WAGABOX® solution ties in entirely with the Group’s commitment to recovering RNG, a local, renewable, carbon-free energy which helps to promote energy and ecological transition on a local level.”

According to Mathieu Lefebvre, CEO of Waga Energy: “Suez is one of the first operators to have placed its trust in Waga Energy to produce RNG at its landfills. With this new project, Waga Energy and Suez are actively helping to tackle climate change and to promote local energy independence. It’s a great example of a successful partnership between an innovative young company and a major international corporation, and provides further evidence of French industrial expertise in waste processing and recovery”.

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