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Five years after its creation, Waga Energy now operates nine WAGABOX® units in France


Waga Energy started up two new WAGABOX® units in January 2020. The first is installed in Normandy and offers a capacity of 25 GWh/year. The second is located at the Liéoux landfill (Haute-Garonne), operated by Sivom SGMAM (Saint-Gaudens, Montréjeau, Aspet and Magnoac), and has a capacity of 35 GWh/year. The construction of these new WAGABOX® units represents an investment of 6 million euros, co-financed by Waga Energy and Meridiam.

Five years after its creation, Waga Energy now operates nine WAGABOX® units in France, installed on landfills managed by public authorities (Trigone, Lorient Agglomération, SGMAM) or industrial players (Coved Environnement, Suez, Veolia). Representing a capacity of 180 GWh/year, these units supply more than 20,000 households with biomethane, a clean, local and renewable gas that replaces fossil natural gas in the distribution network. They thus avoid the emission of 30,000 tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere.


Mathieu Lefebvre, CEO and co-founder of Waga Energy: « WAGABOX® technology contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting global warming, a major challenge of our generation. It improves the environmental performance of landfill sites, which become places for producing renewable energy and storing the carbon contained in waste. With this innovation, we are helping to develop in France one of the world’s most energy/climate- and cost-efficient final waste treatment processes. Our ambition is to accelerate its international deployment by supporting environmental players who, like us, are embarking on the path of energy transition ».