On October 13, 2018, around 100 residents of the Pontivy, France area came to see the WAGABOX® at Suez’s landfill site in Gueltas as part of a nationwide open house organized by Suez.

The new WAGABOX® unit, which is still in the startup phase, will begin injecting biomethane produced from landfill gas into the grid on November 16. The unit will produce 20 GWh of biomethane per year, avoiding 4,000 tons of CO2 emissions. The production volumes will be sufficient to supply the entire Pontivy area during the summer.

This is the second WAGABOX® unit commissioned at a landfill operated by Suez, a world leader in waste management; the first was at a Suez site in Saint-Maximin.


Tour of Wagabox in Gueltas, France

Ronan Ertus, Suez regional director (right), explains how landfill gas is recovered by WAGABOX®.