Christophe Ferrari, President of the Greater Grenoble Intermunicipal Authority, toured metalwork company Ravanat Chaudronnerie, near Grenoble, on December 19, 2017 to see the third WAGABOX® unit under construction.

Also along for the tour were: Bertrand Spindler, Vice President, Energy; Georges Oudjaoudi, Vice President, Waste Recycling; Frédéric De Azevedo, President of the Saint Marcellin Vercors Isère Intermunicipal Authority; and Jean-Pierre Faure, Mayor of Saint-Quentin-sur-Isère.

The WAGABOX® under construction will be installed at a landfill operated by Trigone in Pavie in southwestern France.


Mathieu Lefebvre, pdg de Waga Energy, en conversation avec Christophe Ferrari (au centre) et Georges Oudjaoudi.

Mathieu Lefebvre, Waga Energy CEO, (left) is presenting the WAGABOX® to Christophe Ferrari (center) and Georges Oudjaoudi (right).