The WAGABOX® installed on the Suez landfill in Saint-Maximin, north of Paris, was officially inaugurated on 29 June 2017, by Philippe Maillard, Deputy CEO France, in front of 130 guests. The unit now supplies 3,000 households with renewable gas, avoiding 4,000 tons of CO2 emissions each year.

Philippe Maillard discours

Philippe Maillard, Deputy CEO France.


Philippe Maillard, Deputy CEO France:Thanks to increasingly efficient technologies, we are able to enhance energy efficiency and produce renewable energy that is then used locally within our regions. At our Saint-Maximin plant in Oise, we have been recovering the waste we store into electricity for a long time. From today, we will also recover it into enough biomethane to meet the annual gas requirements of the equivalent of 2,000 local households. A perfect example that we would like to deploy widely for our clients.”


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