The WAGABOX® unit on Gournay’s landfill site

Waga Energy commissioned a new WAGABOX® unit on the Gournay landfill site (center France) operated by Société d’Exploitation de Grounay (SEG). This unit will produce 51,180 mmBtu (15 GWh) of Renewable Natural Gaz each year. The RNG will be directly injected into the gas grid operated by GRDF and will supply around 2,500 households in the area, preventing more than 3,000 metric tons of CO2eq emissions.

Waga Energy financed the units’ construction and will operate and maintain the facility for at least 15 years. SEG financed the connection to the gas grid 9 miles (13 km) away.

Gournay’s landfill receives 85,000 metric tons of waste per year. Before the commissioning of the WAGABOX® unit, the gas emitted by the breaking down of organic matter contained in the waste was torched to avoid any direct methane emission.

Mathieu Lefebvre, CEO and co-founder of Waga Energy:This new project with SEG is a further step in our action to tackle climate change. Our WAGABOX® units now represent an annual production capacity of 819,000 mmBtu (240 GWh) and prevent 49,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions each year. That’s the equivalent of removing over 20,000 cars from the roads.

Gilles Bernardeau, CEO of SEG: “Thanks to this project, the energy contained in the landfilled waste, which was previously lost, will now be used to supply the town of Châteauroux. We are proud to be contributing to the energy transition in this way.”

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