Waga Energy awarded an EU grant

The upgrades funded by the European grant will be implemented on the WAGABOX® unit under construction on the Can Mata landfill in Spain.

Waga Energy received a €2.4 million European grant as part of the Innovation Fund – Small Scale program. The grant will be used to partly finance the first international WAGABOX® project, under construction in Spain.

The European grant will help Waga Energy industrialize the making of the WAGABOX® units and enhance their operation. It will also finance the development of an innovation to be incorporated to the cryogenic distillation module, aiming to reduce production costs.

These upgrades will be implemented on a WAGABOX® unit under construction on the Can Mata landfill, near Barcelona, operated by the international environmental service provider PreZero, part of the Schwarz Group (PreZero acquired Ferrovial Servicios’ waste disposal and recycling business in Spain last July).

The Innovation Fund is one of the world’s largest funding programs for the demonstration of innovative low-carbon technologies. It was designed by the European Commission with the aim of delivering the EU climate and reinforcing the European competitiveness on clean technologies. The budget comes from the EU Emissions Trade System.

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